Photo of Brooke Bina

Brooke Bina, cnm

Having grown up on a multi-generation farm in North Dakota and imbued with a pioneer sensibility and a respect for complexity, I see a woman’s unique reproductive processes as a strengthening of her life’s ecosystem: diversity fortifies life. Every pregnancy and birth is a journey never before taken. My role as a midwife is to be a partner in a journey which is full of possibilities for empowerment and to help ensure smooth transitions in a process which is defined by many profound changes.
I became a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) after doing fieldwork as a medical anthropologist with home birth midwives in Portland, examining the local interface between midwifery and biomedicine while writing “Professionalization, Authoritative Knowledge, and Conceptions of Midwifery and Medicine in the Contemporary United States” (Reed College, 2005). I hold a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and have attended births in various settings, including home, hospital, and out-of-hospital birth center. I am comfortable in diverse birth environments, working in out-of-hospital as well as in-hospital low-risk midwifery and high-risk obstetric environments. I celebrate both midwifery and biomedicine and the ways in which both modalities can offer empowering experiences for women and their families while working to change the ways in which they may not. Having grounding in all types of healthcare allows me to offer a balanced and empowering journey through the reproductive life-span; a vigilant-yet-laidback partner with the honed skills necessary for well-reasoned intervention should pathology arise, ensuring smooth transitions along the continuum of balanced care.