Giving birth at home—the way it’s always been done.

Midwives have always known how to support women through normal, healthy births. If women are allowed to trust and listen to their bodies, they will naturally seek out dark, safe, quiet places to give birth. While home birth is portrayed as new, trendy idea, it’s actually a very old idea. Surrounded by people you love and trust, your body can release the hormones that allow your body to open up and let your baby out.

While attending your home birth, the Alma midwives combine the ancient tradition of midwifery with the evidence-based practice of modern medicine. We bring with us Michel Odent’s principle of biodynamic birth: that women deserve to give birth in a way that is biologically appropriate, yet dynamic and ever-changing because women are individuals.

After your homebirth, there is no where to drive, no car seat to struggle with, and no nurses waking you to check your vital signs: just you and your new baby.