Eating for Healthy Growth (Living Room 10am-12:30pm)

Sun, Dec 10, 2017
10:00am - 12:30pm
Alma Education and Movement Space1233 SE Stark St.Portland,

Categories: Birth, Education, Nutrition, Parenting, Wellness

Eating for Healthy Growth is as two-day 5-hour nutrition class that helps expecting mothers and their
partners navigate through all the new and confusing nutritional changes that occur during pregnancy
and postpartum, along with laying down the foundations of nutrition. After this class moms to be will
be able to make evidence based informed decisions about their nutritional needs and those of their
growing babies. Partners will be able to assist mom in making those decisions and help execute them.
We will spend one day covering prenatal nutrition for each trimester. Really diving into what foods will
help with different symptoms of pregnancy, will keep moms happy longer and how to navigate cravings
and weight gain. We will focus on making sure the basics are understood and when supplementation
makes sense. Second day will be spent covering post-partum nutrition. We will cover foods that are
healing to moms, nutritious for baby and help moms reach their post pregnancy goals. Partners will
learn how to support their choices while being a helpful participant. These skills will be invaluable for
the rest of your life.

About Instructor:
I am a Portland native that loves the food culture that has blossomed here in Portland. I received my
master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. This education has allowed me to work
with many different clients, to educate them and to help them reach their nutrition goals. My passion
for food has led me to explore different ways to help people not only through my company Sprouting
Nutrition, but also in the community for those that are less able to generally afford nutrition
consultation. I worked very hard to research and gather material to help moms navigate through the
very real issues of pregnancy. As a mom, I myself experienced so many symptoms of pregnancy that my
healthcare team had no answers besides extremely basic knowledge. This led me to create this series
for mom’s, because no mom should be wondering if they are doing the right thing and have no one to
turn to. We have enough changing in our lives when little ones are joining us, being confused about
nutrition should not be one of them.

To register for this class please email or call;
[email protected] or 971-322- 8502
Please include name, due date and email address.

Cost: $225 for community members, $200 for Alma families (includes expecting mom and her birthing
partner). Class includes take home materials for moms and birthing partners. (At least 3 registrants are
needed for classes)

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