Ongoing Opportunities

Apprenticeship-one year minimum
Alma is continually accepting apprentice applications. An Alma apprenticeship is a much sought after opportunity, we apologies that only a few of the hundreds of candidates that apply each year are chosen to learn from our midwives. Apprentices work alongside CNMs and CPMs and attend 3-5 births per month, several prenatal and postnatal visits per week and learn evidenced based midwifery.  Candidates must be actively enrolled or a graduate of a MEAC accredited program or utilizing the portfolio evaluation process (PEP). RNs who wish to learn midwifery prior to entering a CNM program have also apprenticed with Alma. Applicants must be prepared for a rigorous apprentice opportunity of rich learning and hands-on experience. If you are an inexperienced midwife-to-be, expect that your training will take a minimum of three full years before you can safely practice as a primary midwife (this statistic is from MANA website and 3 years is the internationally agreed upon minimum hands-on training length). The length of your apprenticeship is something you can discuss with your preceptor, a one year commitment is recommended. Write a cover letter and include your resume to begin the process.  Each apprentice is chosen by the preceptor who will dedicate herself to your training. Send resume to: [email protected]

Internship-three month minimum
The director of Alma Education and Movement Space (AEMS) is continually accepting internship applications. This is an opportunity for candidates from several educational programs from social work, human development, business etc. to learn about directing an education & event space, plan programs, participate in promotion, assist teachers in a wide variety of classes and get to see a whole lot of maternal child interaction. This opportunity requires at least 8 hours of volunteer work per week. We are in the process of turning AEMS into a non-profit organization, so if you are intrigued by that process please contact us. Check out the AEMS website to learn more about all the happenings. Send a resume with cover letter explaining your understanding of how your educational major and AEMS are compatible. Send resume to: [email protected]

Employment Opportunities

Experienced Full Time CNM-start date 6-1-16
Alma is seeking a CNM who is interested in joining Alma Midwifery’s group practice in June 2016. The candidate must have at least one full year as an out-of-hospital midwife or be willing to learn out-of-hospital midwifery through our CNM Fellowship program. Preferential consideration will be given to CNMs who have several years experience in midwifery. Candidate must be proficient in all areas of holistic midwifery care as he or she will be the lead, primary midwife and preceptor to student midwives.  The CNM must be skilled in providing culturally competent care, maintain calm, have a reassuring demeanor, value safe, and provide positive and respectful care for all women. The CNM will provide care for low-risk antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum women in our clinic, birthcenter and in the home setting. Proficiency with EHR and ability to document care is vital, as is advanced skill in risk assessment for mother, fetus and newborn. At Alma we provide care for healthy newborns for the first six weeks of life. If you do not have experience in that area, training will be provided. As this is a group practice, we value respectful and open communication between employees.  Serious candidates please send your resume to [email protected]  (New graduates will not be considered for this position but the fellowship is an excellent way to learn out-of-hospital birth).

New CNM Graduate Fellowship-start date 4-15-16
Alma midwifery seeks Oregon licensed CNM graduate to work as an assistant midwife while learning the art of out-of-hospital midwifery. Consider this program as an educational opportunity if you are interested in home and birth center midwifery. You will learn holistic care practices, relationship based care, wide use of informed consent, ample prenatal time to connect with clients as individuals, listening skills, how to set up for safe out-of-hospital birth, deepen skills in blood draw, IV starts, vaginal exams, “catching”, newborn assessment, well woman exams and much more. Fellows work with seasoned CNMs and CPMs.  As the fellow will not serve as lead midwife, this is an excellent opportunity to learn midwifery without the full responsibility that the primary midwife holds. This fellowship is paid on a stipend of 2000.00 per month base salary. Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected] Candidate must be able to be licensed by 4-15-16.