Kim POP Pilates (Sun Studio 4pm-5pm)

Sun, Apr 9, 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Alma Education and Movement Space1233 SE Stark St.Portland,

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Circuit Pilates
Sunday 4pm-5pm
Are you ready to sculpt, burn and sweat??? Circuit Pilates combines circuit training with the postural exercises of Pilates to form a high-energy, steady paced class.There are 10 series in this class. In each series you will be given 5 exercises that you will execute for 1 minute each. There are built in 30 second rest periods between each series and a well deserved cool down/stretch at the end. I rotate exercises in and out every couple of weeks and to keep it even more fun and interesting there is music to motivate you through the hour. This workout is designed to increase core strength, posture, stamina, balance and flexibility.
For example:
Moving Pilates stance- 1:00 min
Standing Roll Down- 1:00 min
Leg Pull Front Support(Plank)- 1:00 min
Moving Pilates stance pulse-1:00min
Standing Roll Down combo-1:00 min
30 Sec Rest
Upper Body-
This class is for everyBODY! There are modifications and advancements given throughout the entire class.
18 & older
All fitness levels welcome!
~$10/per class
~10 people in each class
~Highly encourage folks to sign up at which they can register as unpaid and pay in person or purchase online
Group Classes
Single Class $10.00
5 Classes $45.00
10 Classes $80.00
15 Classes $130.00
Single Lesson $40.00
5 Lessons $170.00
Single Lesson $50.00
5 Lessons $230.00
Contact Zalayshia Jackson with any questions at [email protected]

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