A capella Sing (Sun Studio 6:30-8pm)

Wed, Aug 2, 2017
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Alma Education and Movement Space1233 SE Stark St.Portland,

An a cappella singing class for girls, ages 13-17.
In this series of 8 classes, we will learn traditional folk songs, rounds, and contemporary (even pop!) music. Warm-ups include body centering and connecting to breath, while playing with vocal improvisation and attuning out ears to tonal matching and listening. All music is learned in a traditional call and response format, where students have a chance to learn by ear and sharpen listening skills. As we are surrounded by an ever increasingly visual culture, this class is a unique opportunity to support young women to tune into themselves and practice listening and learning through the minds eye and ear—all through the joy of music as a conduit for connection to self and each other.
Led by Andrea Tomasi. Andreatomasimusic.com

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